Minnesota Township Civil Engineers

In these difficult economic times, townships and other local governments are looking to save money and provide efficient results for their land development projects. Halling Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for a number of Minnesota Townships.

HEI provides strategic planning for road preservation, maintenance and upgrade programs, all while working within the Township’s budget. HEI will also research cost effective alternatives to preserve the Township’s largest assets.

Past and present Township and Government contract engineer positions include:

  • Previously City Engineer for the cities of Randolph and Zumbro Falls in the 1980s.
  • Currently Township Engineer for Cedar Lake, Helena and Blakeley townships in Scott County
  • Township engineer for Forest Township in Rice County.
  • Township engineer for Faxon Township in Sibley County.

Services provided by Halling Engineering for Townships include:

  • Township Road Maintenance
  • Road Reconstruction & Rehabilitation
  • Long term maintenance
    • Crack Sealing
    • Seal Coating
    • Chip Sealing
  • General Township Engineering
    • Park Plans
    • Board meetings
    • Land Acquisitions
    • Assessment Rolls
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Cost Analysis
    • Soils Reports
    • Plans & Specs
    • Public Hearings
    • Drainage Problems
      • Drain tile
      • Washouts
      • Culvert Replacement
      • Ditch Reconstruction
      • Wetlands along roads
    • Culvert/Bridge Replacements
      • Box Culverts
      • Arched Culverts
    • Utility Projects
      • Railroad
      • Pipelines
      • Power Lines
      • Buildings or facilities
    • Community Sewer Systems
      • Lake homes
      • Clusters of problem sewers
      • Commercial and Industrial users
    • Green Development

And more. To inquire about Township Contract Engineering services, Contact Halling Engineering today.