Halling Engineering, Inc.

Minnesota Civil Engineering Firm

Halling Engineering was formed in March, 1995 by Gregory R. Halling as a Consulting Civil Engineering firm registered in the state of Minnesota.  Halling Engineering was incorporated in 2003 as Halling Engineering, Inc.

Halling  Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience in planning and engineering site design for private and public projects in various settings including rural and urban  residential development,  road projects,  institutional projects,  education projects,  commercial projects, and health care projects.

HEI specializes in providing complete, cost-effective and innovative solutions for rural business and commercial development, including onsite wastewater treatment. Visit our Civil Engineering Services page for more information, or contact us today.

About Greg Halling

Greg started working as a civil engineer with Israelson & Assoc in May 1973.  For the first 4 years he worked primarily on municipal projects serving existing housing subdivisions with utilities.  This work included the design, surveying and construction observation for multimillion dollar projects with as many as 9 people under his supervision during the construction of these projects in his second year.

He became registered in 1977 and was responsible for the design and construction of numerous private and municipal projects with Israelson & Associates until 1984 when he joined Rehder-Wenzel as the head of the civil engineering department.  Greg designed and supervised the work of engineering staff on many primarily private projects with public or private utilities and streets with Rehder-Wenzel until 1990.  Greg joined Rehder & Associates in 1990 as the head of the civil engineering department and designed as well as supervised the work of engineering staff on many private and public projects until 1995 when he formed Halling Engineering.

Since 1995 Greg has owned and operated Halling Engineering and Halling Engineering, Inc. with as many as 8 full time staff members.

Gregory R. Halling Resume

Education:  B.S Civil Engineering, South Dakota State University, 1972

Professional Registration:  Civil Engineer Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana

Certification:   MPCA ISTS Designer I and Advanced Designer, ISTS Inspector I and Advanced Inspector, MPCA Erosion Control

Professional Affiliations:  ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), Board Member of MOWA (MN Onsite Wastewater Assoc),  NOWRA Member (National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Assoc), Technical Advisory Panel member to the MPCA for registration of, ISTS wastewater treatment technologies July, 2008 to present.

Public Positions:

  • Previously City Engineer for the cities of Randolph and Zumbro Falls in the 1980s.
  • Currently Township Engineer for Cedar Lake, Helena and Blakeley townships in Scott County
  • Township engineer for Forest Township in Rice County.
  • Township engineer for Faxon Township in Sibley County.