Minnesota Environmental Engineers Providing Low Impact Site Development

Halling Engineering’s approach to Low Impact Site Development and Sustainable Design focuses on working with the natural environment and protecting the existing ecosystem of the site. From site layout to water and wastewater infrastructure engineering to road design, HEI approaches each design element with the environmental sustainability in mind.

A Low Impact Development (LID) or “green” design approach can also reduce land clearing and grading cost, reduce infrastructure management costs and protect environmental resources including water quality. Halling Engineering’s sustainable design approach focuses on minimizing land disturbance with creative storm water infiltration and drainage designs, maximum use of existing cover, and alternative transportation and parking solutions. Wherever possible, wetlands are left undisturbed, restored, or upgraded, and rain gardens and storm water infiltration and infiltration systems are used to intentionally recharge ground water.

Sustainable Building Site Design

To find out how an experienced Minnesota Environmental Engineering Firm can provide a sustainable solution for your rural building project, contact Halling Engineering today.